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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rainy Day

This has been a wet spring, not quite wet enough for seedlings to rot in the ground, but close. It is wet enough for stuff to grow . . .  and grow . . .  and grow!  Jeff is trying to build an outdoor solar shower, but it is hard for him to make any headway on the few days he is off. Come-to-think-of-it, I guess rain is a outdoor shower.  It is hard, though, to get sun mixed in with the rain in order warm it up enough to tempt me into showering. In the photo at the right, I would like to tell you to notice the shower being built at the far right edge of the picture, but, then, that would leave you readers open to making all sorts of comments about there being a shower everywhere in the picture.
My plan for this day had been to do a little weeding, maybe spreading the last two loads of mulch. Instead, I guess we'll just enjoy the yard from under the dry porch.
It is not such a bad place to be.  Today's rain arrives in waves with warning announcements coming from the barn situated about a hundred feed southwest of our house.  Its metal roof lets me know that the rain is close, giving me almost enough time to run from the garden back to the porch without getting too wet.

It is just not a good day to garden.  After discing the vegetable garden, then planting it a few weeks ago,  Jeff covered it all in year-old leaf mulch and cow manure.  I ran  out awhile ago to cut a head of lettuce and felt my foot being sucked into the black squishy soup. To late I realized boots, not flip-flops would have been the better shoe choice.

It is time to give up gardening, pick up a good book and enjoy the rain.

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