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Friday, June 4, 2010

Hawks, Swamps and Ponds

Here is an update on the redtail hawk fledglings. Lately, one has been standing on the side of the nest. It must be getting crowded in there. With their white heads, they look like eagles unless you know better.  They are gradually turnning all brown, but are still screaming for food.  The white head looks like light shining through the trees.  I wasn't even sure I had a picture until I reviewed what I had taken.
(click on the photo to make it larger.)

Once the hawk realized I was watching, it turned around to watch me back.
I expect soon to see them venturing out of the nest learning to get their own food.

On another note, I suppose I need to call the Williamstown Swamp the "Williamstown Wetlands."  In my May 27 blog entry I asked opinions of "swamp" vs "wetlands." Only two people weighed in on which they preferred, but in my heart  know I must change though I still like the sense of adventure inferred in "swamp."
A recent stop brought this lovely green butterfly (moth?) to my attention.  She was flitting among the reeds and duckweed.  Finally she stayed still long enough for me to find her and focus.
While bumping up our gravel driveway, my father-in-law's pond screamed for me to stop and pay attention. I paused, stopped my car, then got out for a better look. The glassy surface of the pond even reflected a tractor parked in the barn.

Weeping willows are made to line water's edge.  It is hard to see where reality stops being real and becomes only an image of that reality.
I'm sure that the grass heads are fuller this year. All the rain and sunshine has been good for making hay.

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