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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Soft beige flesh perched atop a stout curved trunk, this was the largest mushroom I have ever seen growing. It was about 20 feet off our driveway, growing out of the edge of an old stump. Its diameter reached close to the size of my two hands spread out. It was the perfect spot for a diminutive Alice in Wonderland character to be standing under. I looked, but there was no one other than a small, smartly dressed toad that came from my imagination.
This has been a great year for fungus though I'm not sure whether or not that is a good thing. While mowing the yard this week I noticed a munch of trash on the path in the distance.  When I mowed closer, I realized that it was just a bunch of little mushrooms, many broken and scattered across the ground.
Near one of the paths this globulous group oozed forth.
Surrounded by Virginia creeper, the pale gelatonous discs grew out of the trunk which has previously produced subjects for this blog.  I suggest clicking on the photo to view it larger.

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