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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Swamp Things

Yesterday I stopped by the Williamstown Wetlands, a work in progress.  I hope you noticed that I called it a wetlands, not a swamp. It used to be the swamp but since it the work began we have been encouraged to think of the area not as a swamp, but as a wetland and to call it so.  I still like saying, "The Swamp."  What is your opinion?  Swamp sounds intriguing, spooky, mysterious.  Wetlands sounds a bit more refined, regulated and understood.  But that is just my opinion.  What do you think? 

There has been alot of work done.  A gravel and boardwalk path now encircles the swamp/wetland.  There also in now an irregular strip of dirt in the middle.  It is actually two areas, one a small scooped up clump of land not quite connected to a longer strip.  These are inaccessible to humans.  I guess they are for turtles and for nesting sites for ducks and whatever else is attracted to the spots. 
It is much more accessible for viewing so perhaps that alone calls for "wetland" rather than "swamp."
Whatever we call it, it is an interesting place.  These herons agree.
From a couple of the largest water birds to some smaller ones . . .
The mama is watching with caution as her ducklings relax at the water's edge. 
She notices me, an intruder
As I get closer, even the ducklings pay attention as their mother rounds them up . . .
And heads for open waters.
So tell me,  swamp or wetlands?


Carol said...

Swampy Wetlands sings to me... I like Swamp! Wonderful photos of the Heron and Ducklings!

Philip said...

A swamp to me is more like a abandoned big pond which is spooky like you say a wetland is more like st lucia were it is big and wide open with big animals in it ( just my opinion ) I love the pic of the Blue Heron :)

Linda said...

I love great blue herons especially the way they take off!

Thanks for visiting my blog.