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Monday, May 17, 2010

Night Sounds

Sounds drift across the breeze as I walk beside the darkening field.
The cool evening air touches my bare arms causing me to pause and consider returning to the cabin for a sweater. I decide there is not enough time, the show is about to start. The performers are moving into place while the audience settles in.  A mockingbird tries out a few new calls before settling down for the evening. Robins keep chirping to one another like friends having a quiet conversation as they squirm their bottoms into canvas lawn chairs and prepare for an evening concert.

A mosquito strums its wings against the breeze like a fine guitar - a droning "hu. . .m-m-m. . " I can almost make out a melody as the mosquito peers into the dark caves of the garden's daylilly leaves.
Testing . . .one-two. Check . . .check?

The audience sits at attention. Together, the guests lean forward waiting for voices each knows will soon be heard.

Friends that we seldom see have come out and sit, huddled close together, ready for the concert to begin

I notice feet scuffling against a rough, brown surface as seats are rearranged and a few guests return with snacks to enjoy once the music begins. 
There are  a few last announcements by bright red cardinals chasing each other through the trees in search of the perfect spot for the night. They finally decide to go inside, into the protective warmth of the spruce trees, away from the cool breeze. Shy, still doves calmly sit side-by-side in a row on a topmost branch.  They will have a good view of all that goes on below once the music starts.
For me, I pause, ignore what is going on around me, and gaze out at the darkening sky across the dark green field.

Each blade of grass seems to be in place swaying gently as the music begins.
Now listen . . . .hear it?
The fiddler begins as crickets take their place among the leaves. I am gradually surrounded by song as the concert draws me into the music. A night bird sings out with a song like a hymn offered to God and the world; a song that brings tears to my eye as my heart unexpectedly retrieves the memory of a recent loss.

In the distance a towhee dances, hopping backwards, raking its feet against the brown earth while nearby a grouse rests amid the brush enjoying the show.

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