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Thursday, May 13, 2010

In the Jungle

Days of rain and intermittant sun are turning my garden into a jungle.  I have become very aware of how quickly everything is growing because I haven't had time to finish mowing.  I use an electric mower and each battery lasts about an hour in normal conditions. Conditions have not been normal.  My problems began when I skipped a week of mowing. That wouldn't have been so bad except that it then rained.  When I finally did mow, the grass was so tall and luxuriant that my battery only lasted about a half hour.  I had to mow tiny strips to keep the mower from clogging up and dying.  This is a good mower too, It is a Neuton and I love it.  but it was never made for grass like it was forced to tackle this past week. Yes, I know, I knew better. I think it was Socrates who said that if people know what is right, they will do it.  Yeah, sure.  Maybe that was true in ancient Greece but I doubt it. 
This is the the second full summer for my fern garden and it has really taken off. Almost all of the ferns were dug out of the woods near my house though I did buy a few Japanese painted ferns. and some others to mix in with the natives.  

The rain has also been good for the periwinkle bed.  My Canada anemone has really spread since I transplanted it from the woods.  It grows among some wild geraniums, rue anemone and goldenseal as well as the wood poppies I wrote about last week.   I love the open buttercup like blooms of this anemone.  They sit up high above the leaves from which they spring.  Below, the plant's leaves spread out ready to catch the petals when they fall.
Tomorrow I will again try to mow the grass in my garden.  I will surely find time between spreading mulch, weeding, cleaning and cooking brownies cockaigne. We have sixty people and a band coming on Saturday.  Its all fun stuff so I'm happy.  Besides, I have my daughter visiting home after moving to Lake Tahoe nine months ago. Life is good and I'm happy to be here, even with that jungle growing out there.

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