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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wren's Nest

As I sat on the couch eating my lunch and watching Rick Steves travel around Eurpoe on public television, I noticed some unusual activity by a wren.  She first emerged from the arm of a wicker swing which had been raised up under the porch roof to protect it through the winter. 
Next I noticed the wren perched on the porch railing next to the swing.  Soon after she was perched on the wing of the swing with some grass in her mouth.  Uh-Oh.  I needed to pay more attention.  I saw the wren a few more times before I went outside to check out the swing. 
Sure enough, the wren had built a cozy nest under in the corner of the wicker swing under the cushion that was scrunched up just the right amount for a cute A-frame home.
I know it is not convenient for us both of us to use the swing.  The rational thing to do is to remove the nest.  The wren will go somewhere else.  But she has gone to so much work.  Do I really need to sit on the swing?  Maybe if I just let the wren raise one family, then remove the nest.  How long will it take anyway.  I could take some nice pictures with the nest so convenient. 
The biggest decision is whether to tell Jeff. Should I tell him and argue for keeping a little while, running the risk that he will insist on removing the nest, knowing that there is a threat of wren poop all over the porch, not to mention the inconvenience.  Or should I hope that he won't notice the nest and scrunched up cushions about six feet from our front door.  I suppose I'll have to tell him and hope for the best.
Maybe I should be content with the new robin's nest in the barn

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