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Friday, April 16, 2010

New Views

One of the hawks sits on the edge of its nest hopefully guarding a nestling. Later this morning a friend is coming up to walk the mountaintop loop with me.  We are hoping to catch some activity on the nest though leaves may hamper our viewing.  He is a much more practiced birder than I am so I'm hoping he will show me birds that I've missed or give me some names of those I already know.

The newest addition to my garden is the arbor entrance.  I did not want to close it completely with a gate. I want people to be enticed to go experience my garden from within, not to feel thwarted by the new fence. BUT I don't want the deer to feel welcome so I thought a bit of sound would welcome people while worrying deer.  We'll see. 
Small brass bells are strung on colorful string with a bit larger bells weighing down the bottom.  I've arranged them on the string so that more may easily be added.

My garden cart with a shovel handle protruding combine with the tinkling bells to make quite a racket. 


me ann my camera said...

What a grand idea the bells are! do they work? we have too many deer visiting our gardens and many of our lilies have been eaten off at ground level. we have a wooden structure we call, "the bower" which resembles very much the picture you have included of your bower. I may try the bell idea. It "sounds" like it would be quite attractive! Thanks for the idea. Ann

Beyond The Garden said...

Ann, So Far, so good. I will gradually add more bells to the strands. I love walking through it. As long as I keep the heaviest bells on top the strands usually unwind themselves. When I put a bit heavier bell on the bottom, they stayed tangled every time we went through. I would love to see it if you try. had the cheapest brass bells.