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Friday, April 9, 2010


The absence of something; is that what a hole is? Is a hole nothing? If a hole is nothing then why do we care? Maybe you don't care. Maybe you wonder why I'm writing about holes in a nature article.  But holes are a part of nature.  I think most of us are interested in holes
What is your reaction? Do you quickly look away, not wanting to be caught with your curiosity showing? Or do you glance inside - because you need to know; because you must know what the hole holds. A good hole has possibilities limited only by its circumference and depth. Until you actually look inside, A hole could contain almost anything; a marble, a handfull of coins, a piece of jewelry. 
Holes anywhere draw our attention, but a hole found in nature is compelling.  It insists that we peer inside. 
Our imagination now may include possibilities like . . .a handful of nuts or food stashed by a  crow, or maybe even tufts of fur and leaves neatly arranged and nestling a small animal, cozy in its woodland home.
I have to look. Nothing but height can stop me.  Even then I raise my camera high over my head, lift the flash and take a shot hoping that the screen will reveal something spectacular.
Holes. Holes formd by decay, weather, dug out by an animal, a bird or even made by human hand.  Holes grab me with the nothing that they are. What's in a hole?  The answer to that question is only limited by my imagination and my imagination has very large limits.  My imagination runs wide and deep.  Yes very deep; as deep as the next hole. 


Naturedigital said...

What a subject... But so beautifully and artistically posted.

flowerdave said...

really enjoying your blog , thanks for stopping by mine