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Monday, April 12, 2010

Dogwoods and Violets

The woods have a graceful understory of dogwoods, now blooming, though not yet quite at their peak.
White petals that are not really flower petals are actually bracts, spread gracefully through the trees. These bracts are important to setting off the center flower and making my hilltop lovely. 
Not yet white, the bracts are still a pale green like the lightest lime sherbert with a darker lime center.  The branches swoop downward in a visable display that contrasts with the darker bark of the upper story trees.

     For those of us living in the Appalachian Mountains the blooming of Cornus florida is like waking up to breakfast in bed.To greet woods full of blooming dogwoods is to be served a white bouquet upon a multi-hued tray full off glorious morning treats.
While dogwood blooms try to hold my eye, I cannot ignore an ill-behaved yard full of vagrant violets.
While the violets bully their way into the lawn, they are quickly forgiven not because they are apologetic, which they aren't, but because they come with nodding heads covered in lavender scarves that put to shame a consistently green and manicured lawn.
Competing with the violets for space in the grass are the goldfinches, quickly molting into their striking yellow feathers as they search for sunflower seeds.
After crushing a seed in its powerful jaws, this finch decides to grace me us with a not-too-humble pose.

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Heather said...

I've just been getting caught up on your last few posts, and this one really got my attention. So poetic... "like the lightest lime sherbert" and "nodding heads covered in lavender scarves". What spectacular imagery. I see many of the same things that are opening in your neck of the woods are also opening in mine. Our dogwoods are not showing off yet, but they always seem a little behind, for some reason. That black caterpillar that you showed on another post, the one with the bold yellow banding... I saw one of those in the driveway this morning as I was heading out to work. What a magnificent spring we are having. Enjoy!