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Monday, March 15, 2010

Many Drips a River Make

Yesterday was pi day.  That is because March 14 is represented by 3.14.  I guess that is pi.  I Don't know numerals.  They don't stick in my head. I do know pie. Pie are round. Pie sticks on my hips. Like I said, I don't do numerals very well.  That is different from numbers.  I have a concept of numbers.  Right now, the woods are full of many numbers off frogs.  The cry of peepers fill the dark with high-pitched "peeps"  as the fog sinks in to coat the woods with a creamy thick darkness.  I go to the compost pile at midnight and hear a "drip, drip, drip." from branches and briars.  The fog is so thick that I can't tell if the drips come from rain or fog. 

Yestertay it rained for much of the day.  Jeff and I took a walk out to the "coyote" dens.  He thinks they are probably too small for coyote.  I think coyotes squish up to get inside. I'll keep checking and see what I can figure out.  I checked the fruit trees and they are budding.  The trees won't mind the rain.  In fact they cling to every drop as it softly falls.

All this rain is adding to the snow melt from the mountains and filling up the river.  The Ohio is slowly rising and has already started flooding the low lands. This road leads across a soybean field to  a small campground along the river.  The signs say to keep out.  Okay.
I am glad to live up on my hill.  We get muddy up here, but we don't have to swim.
The Canada Geese didn't seem to mind the water.  they ignored the "Keep Out" signs, floating among the weeds thoroughly enjoying themselves.

I zoomed in on this group who were going almost too fast for me to keep my camera on them.  They geese are surrounded with last fall's corn stalks.  As the river comes up, it does a bit of house cleaning it trades field debris for river debris; large limbs and tree trunks.
Reports tell us that the water will continue to rise for a few days more.  The businesses of Marietta will closely watch the whelming Ohio as it creeps closer and closer to their doors.  I hope the swell stops before it comes indoors. Our buildings become puny when compared to the power of nature.

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