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Monday, March 22, 2010

Bloom Day!

Rain dripping off the roof onto  a metal garbage pan awakened me while the morning was still dark. I fell back to sleep thinking that sleep was the proper response to a rainy morning. I awoke later and upon opening the blinds, was greeted by a quiet competition between fog and sun.
In bare feet and pajama top I grabbed my camera and ran out the door.  The cool wet grass felt nice under my feet after a winter constrained in shoes.
The air was warm against my arms as I tried to take in the quickly changing landscape.
I kept shooting directly into the sun, hoping that I was catching some of what my eyes were seeing.
For a moment the fog was winning, but the sun became stronger and soon pushed the fog away.
The fog cleared but within moments the temperature dropped and the day became cloudy.  I am thankful to have witnessed the day's dawning.

Saturday my garden bloomed.  The new fence set the flowers off just right.   What was different this year, though was that it all the different types of jonquils bloomed at once.  Usually the small bright yellow antique variety bloom first, sometimes with snow at their feet.  This year they waited until their newer neighbors were ready and made their entrance together.  Yellow violets dot the ground beneath the daffodils Only the double bloom varieties have yet to bloom.

The ladies in the photo at left are lined up waiting for an event to happen as they crane their necks to the east, each hoping to be the first to see.  The event, of course, is the rising sun.  Each flowerd turns toward the sun hoping to get optimal energy for reproduction.  Every one of these flowers bloomed the same day within a couple hours of each other.  There are now over a thousand jonquil/daffodil (take your choice) in the garden.

Wild ginger is making its appearance as well, though a couple weeks later than last year. Thed fleshy green leaves unfurl as the ground warms around them.

Even the bulbs planted throughout the wood's edge chos to bloom on Saturday.  I have scattered a few hoping that they will multiply through the years.  These are descendants of bulbs I dug from a home site that was abandoned over one hunderd years ago. 
Flowers aren't the only thing moving around here.  Tomorrow we'll check out the birds,  including the hawk sitting on her nest.


Naturedigital said...

Great photographs of a beautiful morning...

DeKing said...
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Stan said...

Nicely done. I love the photos of the competition between the sun and the fog. And the daffodils are beautiful.

Stan Horst