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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yes, it is still snowing.  Today Jeff read to me that this is the longest continual time for the Ohio Valley to have snow on the ground since 1978.  That was our first winter together.  It was the year we both received cross country skis for Christmas.  I think it started snowing the day after Christmas and continued throughout the winter.  It was a good year to get skis. Friends came to ski with us.  Family came to ski with us.    I remember when my parents came to visit.  They seemed pretty old to be skiing.  Mom was the age I am now - not so old after all. She did great.  We skied out to the top of the hill, across the fields and down a few smaller hills.  She especially loved going through the quiet woods.It was different for Dad when my father tried it there was pure joy.  We skied behind the barn, under the big power lines then "herringboned" ( I think that was the term) up a hill path that curved through the woods.  Once at the top, we turned around, took a few moments to catch our breath then headed down, shooshing through the snow at what seemed to us both to be olympic speed.  Branches grabbed at our ski poles as we barely made the turns and slid over a frozen mud hole.  Through it all my father was laughing  between, "Whoop!"s and "Lookout!"s. It was a great day.
The same winter the neighbors bought a couple snow mobiles and made tracks all over the hill top in loud wild rides. We used the skis some more over the next few years then we had babies and then the snow stopped.  The neighbor sold his snow mobiles.  There really isn't much need for one around here.  The skis came out every winter for a few years, but they now sit in their usual place in our attic.
Today it still snows. I may have to make a trip up into the attic. 
The woods are pretty with all this snow.  I need to keep reminding myself to enjoy the beauty.  The snow doesn't really bother me.  I have nowhere to go.  It is clean and bright and makes the night glow.  The spring will come.  I know it will.  I know it will.  I know it will.

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