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Friday, January 8, 2010

Night Walk

Night time is most often reserved for cleaning up supper dishes, getting ready for the next day and watching some escapist comedy on television.  Mornings are when I usually take my walks but how could I resist all that snow.  The night glittered with white and all the "stars" were on the ground or in the trees. The snow was up to about five inches, still lightly falling.  
I invite you to join me in a walk through the night, winter garden.

As gardeners, we tend to repeat the message on this slate sign, apologizing for what our gardens lack rather than accepting a compliment for its present beauty.  I think it isn't really so much an apology as it is a response to truly being sorry that a friend didn't get to share what bloomed last week as well as what is currently in bloom.  That is not a problem for us tonight. Blooms will sprout from our minds. If you are are a gardener or have enjoyed visiting them, you, like me might conjur up visions of blossoms.  If not, just enjoy the glittering colors suggested in the snow's reflection.

There is no tinkle as snow mutes wind chimes and decorates the "hangy things."

The earthen pottery chimes perhaps might remember with longing their Caribbean birth.

Father Time and Family huddle against the cold, well dressed in their snowy hats and scarves.

A rare albino forsythia in full bloom, its delicate white blossoms becoming more numerous as the snow clings to its branches.

Come along. Let's not take advantage of this rustic bench tonight. though its plush white cushion might tempt us, we have more to see.  We'll rest later.

A couple herons, impervious to the cold seem to be enticed by hydranga blossoms
that only yesterday appeard faded to ecrue but now shine in white rejuvination.

Time to leave the garden to search the field for tracks then back home where we'll lay our shoes and gloves by the wood stove to wait for morning.

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