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Monday, January 4, 2010

Fence News

This blog's photo is entitled, Beyond the Garden Gate.  Soon I will have several new options for that photo as Jeff's work continues on the new fence.  Over Christmas he added many posts and palens to the ever-expanding fence.  We have thwarted the deer's entry to the garden from the woods behind the spruce trees with a tall wire fence that will not show to visitors while continuing the previous garden style the end by the stone wall.

Additional rocks now need to be added to the stone wall since right now a deer could almost step over it.  That will have to wait for warmer weather. But before that we will have a couple new gates. 

I'm thinking that the area right behind this corner would make a good photography blind . . .hmmm . . .we'll see.

We're out of walnut trees.  The ones left are in strategic spots for the birds or beauty.  We do have some nice ones on the other side of the farm, but they are good trees for future lumber and would put the already expensive fence way over the top. 

We still have to decide how to complete the fence near the house. It looks like some "store-bought" pickets may be needed.

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