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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Intermittant Posting

From now until the first of the year, this blog will have infrequent posting as I spend the Christmas season visiting with my family, sleeping past daybreak in order to make up for late nights, and sharing the computer with other users.  I will return immediately after the new year to  daily blogging on days at Mountaintop Acres.  There will be, perhaps the occasional blog of happenings in the woods and at the feeder, so enjoy your holiday as I will enjoy mine.

I'll leave you with a few scenes .    This young seven point buck has found a break in the snow for some browsing.

The sparrow has no problem letting me take its picture after being stunned from flying into the window.  After shooting, I held the bird in my hands to keep it warm until it soon it was ready to fly.

First, I set him back on the window sill.  He didn't quite trust his wings yet but knew he wanted away from me so he hopped over to a safer distance on the sunflower can.

One last look then he quickly flew into the spruce to get his bearings before joinin the rest at the feeder.

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