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Friday, November 27, 2009

Good Fences . . .

Thanksgiving day is finished, but I am still thankful for all that I have; from family whom I am able to love to plenty of food to eat, to the ability to share what I have, to an abundance of beauty surrounding me and my family.  Sometimes I catch my self complaining and am ashamed. Others have much more to complain about.  Usually I enjoy what I have where I am. 

As I mentioned last week, the whitetail deer also enjoy and share much of what I have planted.  Though not lazy, I don't want to waste my work. When hours have been spent planning, planting and weeding in the hopes that the art of the garden will be shared with guests, it is a great disappointment to find a four-foot  circle of hostas cropped to the ground with only the center spine of each leaf remaining.  The long hours spent studying the plant catalogues, and walking the aisles of the nursury, deciding which color variations, which size and how many of each plant are needed or can be afforded, become mere vanity once all plants are reduced to identical pale spines looking much liked  fish bones planted head first into the dirt to remind us of the meal eaten only days before. 

The fence building is well under way to protect the garden. A couple walnut trees have been sacrificed for the paling fence. Jeff has spent many evenings cutting the tree trunks and limbs into the correct length then hand spliting each pale.  The extension should match the fence he built a few years ago.  I will have to find my own blue bottles.
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