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Saturday, November 22, 2008

I wrote the following blog in2008

The path into the woods draws me first I wander through and note how the 200 tree saplings are competing with brambles and grass for life. Some trees will make it while others will lose the fight to paw paws and nibbling deer. I wonder how many years before I see a young forest instead of this thorny weedy patch?

I turn and head back toward the blooms and see the bees hungrily gorging themself on the smorgasborg that will mostly be gone tomorrow, not surviving the 30 degree temperature forcast overnight.

The moles seem oblivious to the coming cold as they continue eating just beneath the surface of my garden, making their mounds while providing oxygen to the earth and cavities for snakes to claim as a winter home.

I know that the wildflower patches we planted last Spring will last through a couple more frosts and give food for the lingering butterfly and the end of the season's yellow jackets. Even now I see the fog dropping over the yard. The bright whitness of the fog excites me for I know that I have only a few minutes left to see the pink of the tall cosmos, the yellow of the black-eyed Susans and coreopsis, the sedum's heavy mauve blossoms and the dark leaves of the poplar tree in the hay field.

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