Thursday, September 19, 2013

Out in the Dew

Awaking with the morning,
I took hold of my camera and entered the woods just in time to startle a pair of deer enjoying a patch of gold.
 My eyes to feasted on the yellow which surrounded me.
Then I followed the mown path to where it led,
arriving in time for sunrise over the hayfield.

Back in the woods I discovered a nice spray of Nidulariaceae or Birds nest fungi.  It is hard to see the tiny spore-filled "eggs." Each peridia  may contain several of these eggs which, when mature will spray onto neighboring twigs and grass blades.
(For more fungus enjoyment read about Walking with a Fun Guy click on the link)

I really need to learn to walk more quietly.

I seem to be startling too many deer this morning.

Day has come.  It is time to return.  There are apples waiting to become sauce.

One last look reveals a Goldenrod climbing high to peer over the fence into my garden.

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Out on the prairie said...

Interesting fungi, I like your action shots of Bambi